Known to his friends as Enzo, he's an outside-the-box engineer/researcher whose interests and expertise span many fields, including controls systems, multi-physics simulations, mechatronics, oil technologies, data analysis and machine vision just to name a few. Refusing to grow up, he's on a continuous journey to develop simple and creative solutions that have the power of disrupting industries by optimizing systems and processes. Married to a beautiful wife, with two beautiful daughters and two identical twin boys, his home is a never ending chaotic fountain of inspiration. His outlook on life: "Never blindly accept what you're told, listen, but then question, with curiosity, creativity and collaboration we can change the world"

blITeratorAPI — Custom iterators in c++11 made easy

What is this? This header-only-library provides a set of classes that allow a programmer to easily create custom iterators and/or custom buffers like the boost circular buffer here: Where do I get it and how do I install it? You can get the library on github here, download and unzip.…

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blImageSerialization — Simple functions to serialize/unserialize an IplImage using opencv

Introduction Whenever working with any type of data, especially images or videos, we usually run into the need of having to save the data to then load it back up for later use. The images can either be saved in binary format or text format.  The process of saving/loading data…

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blEncodeAndDecode — Simple functions to encode and decode images in memory using OpenCV without having to save/read to disk

Introduction I have seen many of these questions pop up everywhere on the web, like this stackoverflow.com question. But as it turns out, there are two very easy to use functions in opencv that allow us to encode/decode to/from several formats such as jpeg, png, pxm and many more. In…

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blVideoThread2 — Another way to capture video using opencv in a parallel thread

Introduction Just as I mentioned in my previous blVideoThread article, when capturing video, our programs can be limited by the slow speeds of the capturing hardware.  One way around this, is to obviously separate the capturing process from the main program flow. In this very short article I derive from…

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blVideoThread — A simple class to capture video using opencv in a parallel thread

Introduction This is a super short post about a simple class I made to capture video in a parallel thread. Usually, the problem is that the video capturing hardware, like webcams, is limited to thirty frames per second. If we were to capture video in series with the main program,…

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blSignalProcessing — Fast Fourier Transforms and signal processing using OpenCV

Introduction Signal processing is the technical area that deals with encoding/decoding information into/from discrete or continuous signals of any kind. Signals of interest could be coming from images, sounds, mechanical motion, celestial bodies, bacterial systems, or just about anything you can name, thus making signal processing a very important field…

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