Using OpenCV 2.2 within QTCreator in Windows

UPDATE:  If you’re trying to compile opencv look at this article. This is an update to my “Using OpenCV within QTCreator in Windows” post, that will show you how to quickly setup OpenCV 2.2 for QTCreator in Windows. (This of course will work for any IDE, not just QTCreator). So, let’s get down…

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blMemStorage — A simple data structure to wrap OpenCV’s CvMemStorage with shared_ptr

This entry is part 7 of 17 in the series blImageAPI -- BarbatoLabs Image API

Introduction As part of the blImageAPI series that we’re running, in this short article, we present a simple data structure used to wrap OpenCV’s CvMemStorage with boost::shared_ptr. The use of boost::shared_ptr allows for automatic garbage collection and lets us check the validity of pointers, which will save us from those horrific opencv…

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